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did you know that wolfgang tillmans is so generous to make all his books available for free download on his website? And yes – print is always better and please go and buy books, but in the meanwhile …


waiting.  a friend showed me this video of a performance by faith wilding. It has stuck with me ever since and I can’t stop thinking about it.


if you ever happen to be in New York – this is the place to go – I can’t tell you how much this place has made a lasting impression on me.

collaboration with the artist kathrin jobczyk

Im Garten

Kathrin Jobczyk

artist talk

collaboration with the artist kathrin jobczyk

In 2017 we have worked together for the first time and created an exhibition at the SCHNITTRAUM in Braunschweig under the title No expectation of slugs.


While for one  the great freedom of the slug, which would not have to drag the ballast of a house, stood in the foreground, the other associated with the slug disgust, slime, and (in retrospect very brutal) childhood memories.


No one has expectations and everyone has desire.
Everyone has expectations and no one has any desire.


At the end of 2019/beginning of 2020, it was time for part II.


We brought our work together once again, but in a new way, and the result was the joint exhibition pleasure pressure, which was shown at the Galerie vom Zufall und vom Glück in Hanover.


In the interaction of different perspectives and different media such as photography and sculpture, text and video, drawing and installation – physicality, moods and sexuality suddenly and unexpectedly come to a point of tension in a humorous way.


Part II was a great pleasure. But life goes on, which is why Part III imposes itself.


up next: fruits of frustration


We were really excited and happy that Luisa Weyrich from Shit Show Berlin – Agentur für Psychische Gesundheit, followed our invitation and joined us for an (artist) talk.


Our conversation was initiated by the series „prototypen psychischer prothesen“/„prototypes of mental prostheses“ by Kathrin Jobczyk which has similarities but is also totally different to the objects of the shit show called Moodsuits®.


Through our work we wanted to seize the opportunity to talk about interpersonal relationships and to promote the discourse on the destigmatization of mental illness.

If you want to know more about our talk – keep your eyes peeled for our exhibition catalogue which will be available soon! Also check out the fabulous work of shit show Berlin.